Some Skills deal special kinds of State Damage. These are influenced by your State Rank. There are three kinds of State Damage: Crushing Damage, Heroic Damage and Calculated Damage. Each is linked to an individual State.

When the Skill-user uses a Skill that deals such Damage, the difference in associated State Ranks dictates whether the Skill-user deals more or less than normal Damage to the target. If the Skill-user would have a high State and the target a low State, the Skill-user would deal more than normal Damage. If the Skill-user would have a low State and the Target a high State, the Skill-user would deal less than normal Damage.

As the difference between State Ranks is increased so too does the damage dealt. That is if the Skill-user has maximum state rank and the target has zero state rank then the skill will do the maximum damage possible. As a result, having a high State Rank in one or more States will give you more effective Skills that deal that kind of State Damage and will also act as a higher defence against such attacks. Likewise, lower State Ranks will decrease the effectiveness of State Damage and leave you wide open to receiving those attacks.

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