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World of Spellborn Edit

A beautiful world Edit

History and Overview Edit

When the Empire of the Eight Demons fell, magic ripped the ancestor world apart. Its mountains, valleys and oceans destoryed. The powerful spell left little in its wake. What remained, were shattered rock realms drifting through the deadpsell storm, an endless nebula of sleeping magic. Within one of the hollow shards, in the great city of Quarterstone, an alliance of five great houses tried to rebuild society. Calling itself the Enclave of the Sacrifices, they searched for new lands to sustain their people. Their novice attempts and foolish bravery brought them expansion, but also uncovered ancient foes. At their darkest hour deliverance came through the revelation of an anciet spirit known as the Oracle. Now years later, the Oracle is willing to show the way to new shard realms.

Go back in time to experience the ancestor world and alter the present. Conquer new worlds first and claim ownership. Set out and discover new shard realms offering unique environments and creatures. Be part of a High House and fight for power by earning favor of the Oracle.

Will you be the one?

The Chronicles of Spellborn

What lies hidden must be found.

Character Creation Edit

Combat Overview Edit

Combat Overview Edit

PvP system Edit

Developer Walktrhough Edit

Some HighlightsEdit

Trailer: Within Temptation - The HowlingEdit


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