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January 2, 2009

Thank You Edit

Thank you for helping out so much Mort ^.^ at this rate we really are growing fast. Though i guess it will slow a bit now vacations are over.

Gonna miss it Edit

Gonna miss your mass updating help ^^ yeah, i too have a little less time, but as long as i dont get chores on my workspace... well i can just keep cutting up piccies and maybe udate some (-100 screenshots, yes please ^^) Good to hear you'll still be around to help out though!! ^^

Get well! Edit

Just a little get well message ^^ Yeah ive been on most of my weekend updating some stuff. Finished Char Crea gear and doing a few starter area quests now. Its REALLY annoying work though, but it has to be done. In any case, dont stress yourself untill you're all better. It's not like i'm going to prod you with a katana if you dont spend all day working in the wiki. Health >>>>insert more > here>>>> games.

--Irigue 19:40, 11 January 2009 (UTC)

RE: Edit

I was at a school camp. Musts and all. Hated it but... meh... As for server i play on: Dravhare :p Happy to hear youre getting better though ^^ Im level 24 and completely stuck T^T

looks a lot better ^^ not as pushed together anymore.

yo Edit

Good to hear ill have to back soon, i missed you around! ^^

^^ Edit

thanks for the little sign of life, id actually been getting worried over you! =O I dont think you're missing too much at the moment, though i still hope youll have some more time to play again soon ^^

Edit: Thanks ^^

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